Gamineazy’s Corporate Event services offer high-tech recreational activities through specially designed Gaming zones and/or events, with a focus on high engagement levels with minimal wait-times for visitors.

We work with Event planners, agencies and corporates for a wide range of event-types through the year. These range from casual gaming zones at Annual Days, Tech-Days, Family-Days, Women’s Days, Anniversaries, etc.,  to special Corporate Gameathons spanning business units, campuses and even cities.

Gamineazy Experiences available for Corporate Events include a whole range of Gaming tech options ranging from Gaming Consoles like PS3, Xbox360 and PS4 to high-end Virtual Reality systems like PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus.

Highlights of our Gaming kiosks:

    • Temporary setup of gaming units to attract and entertain visitors at any kind of event.
    • Easy to pick up and play.
    • Perfect for employee engagement.
    • High engagement levels.
    • Motion-gaming/ VR arenas are popular choices.

Virtual Reality has been steadily gaining popularity and employees crave new mind-blowing experiences that one can quickly get into and return the the ‘real’ world. We have gained a lot of expertise working in this field since 2016.

Our endeavour to constantly curate new games and experiences for our lounge customers to experience have allowed us to gain fantastic insights into what works best. We have successfully applied this knowledge and skills in our Event services much to the delight of our clients and their employees.

Please get in touch to know more about how we can help you.

Our Brand-Promotion services allow Brands to engage with their target audiences in a more focussed manner, by sponsoring special Employee engagement activities in the form of temporary kiosks and gaming zones in Corporate campuses.  If you are a Brand Manager/ Marketer or an Event agency looking to create a crowd-puller, look no further. Contact us TODAY!

At Gamineazy, we take pride in our ability to use Gaming tech as a Social enabler. Our experience and history of successful engagements are a testament to our abilities. We can help you identify and curate experiences based on YOUR unique requirements if we are given the right inputs in terms of audience, engagement, time available and budget allocated for the activities.

Let’s GAME ON together!


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