Gaming Console Rentals in Bangalore are now easy and affordable in Bangalore.

Thanks to our years of experience in the Indian Gaming industry, Team Gamineazy has strived to make the experience of renting consoles and games stress-free and enjoyable. Our customers understand the value of professional service and our relentless focus on “what gamers want.”

It’s not just a business transaction for us. Once you rent from us, you become part of a growing family of happy customers who we engage with and support long after the rental transactions are complete.

Gaming Console Rentals are a convenient way for many folks in Bangalore to enjoy interactive entertainment customized for their needs, preferences and of course, budget!

We would be only too happy to help you on your personal journey as a gamer, regardless of whether you’re new to gaming, a semi-pro or a dad/ mom looking to enjoy quality time with the family.

Please review the details below regarding our plans for Gaming Console Rentals in Bangalore. If you’re unsure of any aspect, please note that we are just one phone call or Whatsapp message away.

Gamineazy offers customized Console Rental Plans for Home use in Bangalore. Choose from our preset combo plans for PS3, PS4 or Xbox360 based on your requirement of controllers, games and duration! FREE delivery/ pickup and professional Installation/ support.

If you are specifically looking for Game Rentals only, please check out our Game Rental Gallery for various Console Games available for rent.

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