Console Gaming – STANDARD Zone – PS3/ Xbox360/ PS4

100400 Incl. GST

Gamineazy’s STANDARD Zone offers the most affordable gaming options among all the zones, with dedicated areas for motion gaming.

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully and select options for your Gaming session:
 – Single/ multiplayer gaming
 – Time-slot in minutes
 – Booking Day (Today/ Tomorrow)
 – Preferred Start-time for your slot. We will do our best to accommodate you.

– Warm inviting ambience, designed for gaming in comfort.
– Most affordable gaming options among all the zones.
– Dedicated areas for motion gaming.
– Great for birthday parties/ team-outings up to 12 persons.
– Booking online for Multiplayer gaming requires the purchase of at least 2 slots.
– Hourly Group gaming offers the best value for money (1 hr for the price of 30 min.)

Lounge members avail all game-play bookings at 20% discount and earn points on each session of Rs. 100 or more! Please contact the reception desk for details.


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Lounge Terms & Conditions:

 - Please review the options and make your selections carefully. - Please note the lounge timings (displayed on the header of our website) and book slots accordingly. - Booking window for Preferred time: 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM. This implies that a booking made for 8 PM can be up to the closing time of the lounge.

 - If selecting multiplayer gaming, please ensure that you specify the number of players (controllers) and not the group size.

 - Certain zones (especially rooms) may have limited seating. For eg. the theater can accommodate a maximum of 8 persons.

 - Some PS3 games can accommodate up to 6 person-multiplayer on the same screen. Please plan your zone/ slot accordingly.

 - PS4 multiplayer is limited to 4 players on the same screen. Please plan your zone/ slot accordingly.

 - If you have a preference for your time slot, please specify that and we will try to accommodate you. But kindly note that bookings for TODAY are subject to 15/20 min. change due to walk-ins and in-store reservations. If yes, we may try to contact you to update about the revisions.

 - Please arrive at the lounge at least 10 min. before your reservation time.

 - If you are later than 15 min. we reserve the right to accommodate walk-in customers in that slot.

 - Please let us know if your plans change post booking. We will do our best to accommodate changes based on existing reservations/ walk-ins but please understand that we may not always be able to.

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