TOP 5 Game Releases in October 2020

During the current pandemic, video games continue to give gamers and NON- gamers alike much-needed relaxation and relief from the monotony of staying indoors. Here are our recommendations for the Top 5 Game Releases in October 2020.

It looks like October is a great month for new games with a lot of them slated for launch. Some are Special editions or DLCs and we’ve not considered them for our ranking.  

The list below highlights just a few of the games that we feel you should REALLY be watching out for. We wouldn’t be surprised if the stocks run out fast. Get your copy while you can!

Crash Bandicoot 4 is bound to make you feel nostalgic and goes back to the root game-mechanics and a linear level style that made the franchise so popular.
The latest edition features new features, playable characters and new game modes for Crash. 
Storywise, Crash Bandicoot 4 begins with Dr. Cortex escaping from the time prison that he, Uka Uka, and N. Tropy found themselves trapped in at end of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. 
However, their escape caused a massive rip in the fabric of time and space, and Cortex and N. Tropy discovered that this rift links their universe to the multiverse, leading them to take advantage of it to conquer not only their own universe but all other dimensions.
Ever since we’ve seen Nathan Drake of the Uncharted fame play a Crash Bandicoot game in Uncharted 4, many of us have been silently hoping to get our hands on a new retro classic featuring this lovable marsupial!
Now’s our chance… and it’s about time!
If intergalactic space combat excites you, Star wars Squadrons will blow your mind, with the game’s focus on epic space battles set in the Star Wars universe. Although the story is set after the events of Return to the Jedi, keep in mind that this is not your typical Star Wars game with open-world adventures or campaigns on foot.
The range of weapons and spacecraft appears to be promising and if you are a Star Wars fan, exploring various TIE Interceptors, TIE Fighters, X-Wing, etc. will have you squealing with delight.
Take control of a wide variety of playable ships, shields and engines to defeat enemies in space combat.
May the Force be with you!
The RIDE franchise was launched in 2015 and has become a reference point for authentic bike simulation by gamers world-wide.
In this version, you can choose from a whole range of iconic motorcycles (176 officially licensed bikes) and participate in special events, races and challenges, including professional tournaments. 
But one feature that makes the game really stand out is a revolutionary technology called A.N.N.A. (Artificial Neural Network Agent) based on neural networks and enables interesting challenges for players in the form of faster, smarter opponents able to think, strategize and adapt to the situation. Fascinating indeed!
The latest edition of the popular FIFA Football Franchise will have dual entitlement, implying that PS4 and Xbox One owners get a FREE upgrade to their next-gen equivalent version when the consoles are launched.
The improvements to gameplay seem to be in five key areas. as referenced by the EA website.
  • Positioning Personality raises the importance of positional awareness.
  • Creative Runs give you new options for influencing your team’s movement off the ball, revolutionizing attacking build-up play in FIFA 21 and providing you with more ways to break down the defense.
  • Smoother Encounters/Animations – In FIFA 21, key footballing moments including goalmouth scrambles, battles for possession in the midfield, and attacking duels will resolve more naturally than ever before, resulting in smoother encounters between players as they strive to reach the ball.
  • Fundamentals Adherence – Informed by feedback from the community, revisions to the fundamentals of football in FIFA raise the game throughout the pitch, with manual headers, more balanced blocking, more intelligent passing, and increased responsiveness giving you more control on and off the ball.
  • Competitor mode: Replicating the play style of the best FIFA players in the world, setting gives your opposition a better grasp of skill moves, dribbling types, and tactics to give you a more challenging and rewarding opponent to match up with on Legendary and Ultimate difficulty.

Set in London you get to recruit pretty much anyone with a skill set from a fighter to a hacker. Learn how to take advantage of the Play As Anyone system. 

With an entire population of potential recruits and the city’s technology at your fingertips, you’ll need to hack, infiltrate, and fight your way to a liberated London in a post-Brexit setting.

Watch Dogs Legion’s single-player campaign has 5 ‘main storylines’ over 60 missions. Hijack armed combat drones, reconstruct past events using augmented reality to discover who is behind the attacks.

Join forces with up to three friends in online multiplayer as you freely explore London together or take on special co-op missions, and unique game modes.

Of course, there are a LOT of other games getting released in October, but this is just our pick. Let us know what you think. How many of these games are you excited about?